Gloves are your first line of defense against potential shocks, burns, cuts, and other hazards when welding. Don’t let spatter or sparks scar you when the right glove can be a simple solution and save you a lot of pain. The type of safety gear you are wearing should be consistent with the type of work you are performing. Welding gloves come in a wide array of styles, materials, and are available in sizes from Small to Extra Large. To provide you with the highest level of protection, your gloves should be free of rips or tears, and be clean and dry, electric and heat retardant, moisture resistant, and fit well.

At WSI, we offer some of the top brands of welding gloves, including:

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Some of the most popular materials for welding gloves are: cowhide, deerskin, rubber and mesh, cotton treated, goatskin, aluminized, elkskin, and calfskin. For optimal performance, be sure your welding gloves are flexible to allow proper movement, and enough finger sensitivity for you to perform your work.welding-gloves-optimized

There are so many styles of welding gloves, but one glove does not necessarily fit all jobs. For TIG, many gloves are only wrist-high, MIG gloves usually cuff over the wrist and midway to the elbow, while STICK welding gloves are more insulated and stiff, and may cover up the entire forearm for even greater protection.

Your best bet for finding the right gloves is to speak with a WSI welding industry expert. We help you find the style, material, and fit to ensure you protect one of your most precious assets: Your hands. If you have questions about whether you’re wearing the right type of gloves, give us a call at 561-848-5520 or reach out to us on Facebook at . We’re always happy to help out a welder in need!