Acetylene Same Day Fill Available

Acetylene is the primary fuel for oxy-fuel welding as oxyacetylene. The combustion of acetylene with oxygen produces a flame of…


Argon Same Day Fill Available

Argon and argon mixes may be the most popular welding and shielding gases today. At WSI, we pump a variety…

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is more than just an atmospheric by-product. CO2 may be used in welding applications as a cost-effective complement…



Whether you need helium for balloons and flower arrangements, or you are seeking high-purity helium for specialized welding applications, WSI…


Propane Same Day Fill Available

Propane is for more than your outdoor cooking grill. Propane may be used as a lesser-quality acetylene alternative for oxyfuel…


Propylene Same Day Fill Available