Don’t overpay for great fountain and draught beer gas, and don’t get oversold by the competition. WSI offers the most cost-effective solutions for your carbonation needs with our beverage- grade CO2 and draught beer-grade mixes, without breaking the bank.


  • Most restaurants, bars, and micro-breweries that are currently using liquid CO2 mini-bulk or micro-bulk systems from the large regional and national suppliers are losing money every day.
  • You’ll rarely ever use the amount of gas you’re billed for. The filling process of the liquids requires the technician to literally pour out 50 to 100 lb of the CO2 to reduce the pressure before they can even fill the tank. The result? You’re paying for product you’ve never even used.
  • It’s dangerous to have cylinders and/or micro-bulk tanks sitting outside of your establishment, open to the elements and potential vandals.

If you, like many of our customers, have tanks sitting exposed at the back of your buildings, unprotected, and next to parking lots or back alleys, you should be concerned. At WSI, we have moved several restaurants and bars to indoor solutions that prevent health and accident hazards by keeping the tanks out of the heat and elements, away from potential car accidents, and out of reach of vandals and mischief-makers. Nothing is more important that the safety of your customers while they’re enjoying your establishment.

You lose more product than you use when you’re on liquid mini-bulk or micro-bulk tanks.

South Florida is known for the heat. Summer, winter, fall, or spring, we are consistently in the 80’s and 90’s. What happens to outdoor micro-bulk systems exposed to the heat? The pressure builds inside the tank, and the hissing begins. What is THAT? You’re losing product. Every. Single. Day. But you’re paying a hefty charge for it. We can help you recapture those losses, and help you meet realistic budget goals.

You’re getting overcharged.

In the restaurant/hospitality industry, every penny matters. It’s that simple. Take a look at your invoices. Notice the rental fees, the HAZMAT fees, the environmental fees, the delivery fees. Then, look at what you’re actually paying for the gas you’re wasting on these unnecessary, overly complex systems. We are saving our customers an average of $3,000 annually by simplifying the process. We provide a consultation with our hospitality experts, and we always find ways to help our customers experience better profits. We’re proud to have a 100% satisfaction rating from every restaurant we have converted!

Don’t go flat-broke. Let WSI help you save time and money with our beverage grade CO2 and nitrogen beer mixes while providing your customers with great tasting soda and beer. Call us at 561-848-5520 to schedule a consultation today!