Palm Beach State College Welding Technology Certificate Program
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WSI's Wm. Steve Knight Scholarship

Palm Beach State College Welding Technology Certificate Program

Welder Services of Florida, Inc. is proud to announce the creation of the WSI Wm. Steve Knight Memorial Scholarship for the Palm Beach State College Welding Technology Certificate program. In an effort to continue the philosophy of her father Wm. "Steve" Knight, former President of WSI, Brooke Knight established this scholarship in partnership with Palm Beach State College to help students seeking opportunities to learn, grow, and perfect their technical welding skills.

Steve spent more than three decades helping individuals entering the welding field to grow their businesses. He provided technical assistance, extended financial credit, and believed that hard work and dedication pays off when you have someone in your corner. His talks were invaluable, and he gave kind-yet-direct spoonfuls of real advice to welders and fabricators breaking into the South Florida region for over thirty years. Steve knew that by helping them, he was providing a great service to the community, and building long-term relationships that have turned into extended family. Steve believed whole-heartedly that by "paying it forward" he would make a difference, and the WSI family is continuing that tenet by investing in the men and women that are the future of welding and fabrication.

The first scholarship recipient will be selected for the Spring 2015 term, and will be announced prior to the beginning of the term.

If you are interested in donating to the Memorial Scholarship, please contact Welder Services of Florida, Inc. at 561.848.5520.


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